Why Mediate?

shutterstock_87806758Mediation works – more that 70% of people end up with either a full agreement or agreement on most issues.

Mediation works by helping people focus on the future and finding practical, workable solutions that feel fair. It will help you sort out:

  • Your priorities and the first steps to take if the separation is recent
  • Arrangements for your children
  • Guidelines for having positive communication as co-parents
  • Maintenance payments
  • Where everyone will live
  • How to deal with the finances, savings, mortgages, pensions and debts

In mediation you will talk things through with a professional mediator to find solutions that you and your ex can agree on. The mediator supports you by providing information and a framework for constructive discussions.

It is confidential;  cheaper and quicker than going to court and most importantly, you stay in control of decision making.

If you are thinking of going to court you must attend a MIAM first – find out more

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