Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting – MIAM

The Mediation and Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is a confidential, one to one meeting with the mediator to talk through your options and decide if mediation is right for you. If you need to go to court you will be provided with the document needed to make the application. This meeting lasts about 45 minutes. 

What happens at the MIAM?  

  • you will be listened to
  • we will check that mediation is safe and suitable for you
  • we will explain how mediation works and answer your questions
  • you will be helped to prepare for the joint meetings

Once everyone has been to the MIAM we can move on to a joint mediation meeting attended by you and your ex-partner. Joint meetings last 1 1/2 hours. The number of meetings you will need depends on your situation – sometimes one meeting is all that is needed. You will be able to give you an indication of how many meetings may be needed at the MIAM.

Find out more about  mediation and children and property and finance mediation.

If mediation isn’t right for you the other options available for sorting matters out will be explained.

If you need to go to court I am authorised to sign the court form you require to make the application.

Mediation is quicker and cheaper than going to court. Check out mediation costs

To arrange a MIAM appointment:


Call: 07917304701