Mediation about property and finances

shutterstock_150753773Deciding who gets what when a relationship ends can feel complicated. 

It’s not unusual to worry that the settlement won’t be fair or that you won’t be able to manage in the future. You will need to work out:

  • Where everyone will live
  • What will happen to the mortgage or tenancy
  • How to share your assets such as the house, savings and pensions
  • Budgeting & dealing with debts
  • Maintenance and child support

You will be helped to make the full disclosure of your finances expected by a court. We can then:

  • Make sure that you understand your assets,liabilities, income and expenditure
  • Use this information to explore the options available to you and the likely consequences of each.
  • Negotiate and agree proposals with one another.
  • Produce written summaries of the mediation meetings.
  • Produce a Memorandum of Understanding setting out all your proposals which can be used to make your agreement legally binding.

Throughout, your views will be listened to about:

  • What your priorities are
  • What feels fair and realistic
  • What best meets the needs of all members of the family, particularly the children.

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