Child Inclusive Mediation

Children value the chance to ‘have their say’ about decisions that affect them after parents part

  • Child inclusive mediation gives children and young people a chance to express their views and hopes without giving them responsibility for making the decisions.
  • We understand that it is important to manage children’s meetings appropriately and sensitively.
  • We will discuss with you in advance exactly what will happen and only proceed if we have both parents’ consent.
  • Child inclusive mediation meetings are only carried out by mediators who are fully trained to do so.

What children have said about their consultation meeting:

‘It’s the first time anyone has really asked me what I think about things. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.’ Sam  (13)
‘It has been nice meeting the person mum and dad have been talking to.’ Becky (9)
‘I was a bit nervous to begin with but I enjoyed it. I think all children should be allowed to meet the mediator.’ Stefan, (8)
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