Secretly consider divorce or separation

New research: Quarter of British parents who live with their children ‘secretly consider divorce or separation

A quarter (26%) of British parents who currently live with their partner and children have secretly considered separating from or divorcing their partner, according to new research from relationships support charity OnePlusOne.

Considering a separation or divorce doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a relationship.  Many couples are able to work through their problems, especially if they get the right support.

But each year in the UK, around 100,000 children under 16 experience divorce, and the numbers of children who are affected by relationship breakdown are far greater when you take into account that many parents cohabit rather than marry.

January is the most popular time of year to enquire about divorce proceedings, to the extent that the first back at work after the festive break has been dubbed ‘divorce day’ by some legal professionals.

It would seem that for some couples the additional stress of Christmas and the start of the New Year bring underlying problems to the surface, and they make their final decision to part.

The number one consideration for most parents who do choose to separate is the future welfare of their children.

All the evidence shows that separated parents who are able to focus on their children’s needs and to communicate effectively about money and the arrangements for the children early on, have the best chance of preventing their children becoming stuck in the middle of their disputes.

But when emotions are running high this isn’t easy, and many people need support to help them communicate with their ex and make plans which they can keep to. Speak to a family mediator to find out what your options are or go to The Parent Connection which has a host of resources that can help you through this difficult process.

6th Feb 2015