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Over 70% of the people I see reach agreement on all or most of the things that they need to sort out.


Mediation is a more collaborative way of sorting out the arrangements about children and finances after separation.  It is quicker and cheaper than using solicitors Find out more here

MIAM Meetings

The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is a confidential, one to one meeting with me to discuss your options and decide if mediation is right for you. You must attend a MIAM before applying to court. Find out more here MIAM meetings

Mediation & Children

Children can cope with separation if parents can agree on the arrangements. In mediation you can develop a Parenting Plan which covers everything that affects your children. Find out more here –Need to agree arrangements for the children?

Property & Finance

It’s not unusual to worry that the settlement won’t be fair or that you won’t be able to manage in the future. Mediation helps you make sure you have all the facts before making any decisions. Find out more here

Bernadette Davis, FMCA

Specialist Family Mediator

I know it can be hard to have a calm conversation about your children, property and finances when trust is low and emotions are running high. My aim is to help people find agreements acceptable to everyone as quickly as possible and to avoid the stress of long drawn out disputes. I have over 20 years experience of mediating relationship breakdown and parenting after separation.

Mediation Costs

BD Mediation’s fees are simple and transparent – there are no hidden costs


£80 per person

Mediation Meetings about Children

£120 per person

Medication Meetings about Property & Finance

£150 per person

Documents For Property & Finance Mediation

£50 per person

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